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    Kemai ranks among the top 100 rubber
    Kemai ranks among the top 100 rubber industries in China. It has always been committed to infusing innovative technology into the rubber industry, making rubber more valuable and surpassing the global level of the rubber industry.
    CNAS Recognition
    The chemical physical testing laboratory of Kemai has been accredited by CNAS, and the test result has been recognized by 92 countries and relevant international organizations across the world. Kemai’s quality level remains advanced for the industry.
    National high-tech enterprises
    Rubber additives has been the key supporting area of the country. Kemai, has developed its own innovations, and is transforming science and technology into productivity. It has built a demonstration base for high-tech industrialization, and is leading the industry’s technological development.
    Expert unit of the International Standardization Working Group
    As an expert unit of the International Standardization Working Group and a member unit of the Sub-committee of National Rubber additive Commission, Kemai has exclusively drafted 5 national and industrial standards, participated in the drafting of 4 standards, and has become an important review unit for national standards in the additive industry.
    Kemai GlobalTianjin, Inner Mongolia, the two production base, the United States, Brazil, Germany sales subsidiaries.
    The integration strategy platform of production, study, research and marketing.
    Human Care
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